Ground screws foundation for autonomous lighting poles

Design and installation of pile foundations
in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Nikolaev,
Lvov, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine.


Street lighting is an integral part of any inhabited locality. In addition, private property lighting also becomes important for a comfort living today. Ground screws are good for quick construction of autonomous lighting poles. It has lots of advantages over a reinforced concrete foundation:

In addition to the ground screws we also produce galvanized piles for lighting 6 meters high. This pile consists of 2 parts 3 meters each. It also includes a frame for the solar panel and a bracket for a lamp. Such a pile is installed on our ground screws. Assembly and connection of such a pile with a foundation takes 3-4 hours.

The company PILLAR designs foundations for lightning poles and calculates the foundation for it. Drawing design of a foundation for lightning pole is also included in our services.


Time saving

Ground screw foundation for hydraulic works can save up to 93% of time compared to the traditional foundation.

Convenience and simplicity

The minimum amount of additional building materials and equipment. Convenience of delivery to the construction site. Minimum risk of violation the technology.

All seasons

The foundation on ground screws can be installed regardless of the season and weather conditions. At the same time, in winter it is even easier to build this foundation, since the piles can be mounted from the ice without installing pontoons.

Not damaged by water

Galvanized piles are usually not corroded which enables its use in water-saturated soils and even in reservoirs.

No garbage at the construction site

Installation of the ground screw foundation is carried out using a mode, in which there remains a minimum of construction waste at the end of the work.

No noise and no vibration

Such feature of installation of ground screws allows to use them even in difficult situations when installation of the concrete foundation is impossible.


Geological survey and construction project

In order to get optimal solution for the construction of the foundation the customer must provide a geological survey of the site and provide a construction project. Considering these data experts make conclusions about the properties of the soil and the loads of the future construction.

Foundation adaptation

Based on the data obtained our engineers prepare a calculation of the required number of screws and the distance between them, as well as the depth of it’s immersion. Depending on the collected loads for the foundation of the house, the optimal diameter and required length for ground screws are selected.


Screw foundations for low-rise buildings are installed in a short time. Depending on the complexity of the object, there are three options for screwing in: manual, electromechanical and hydraulic. After the ground screws have been installed at the required in design depth, the headstrap is strapped.

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