Design and installation of pile foundations
in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Nikolaev, Lvov, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine.


The need for additional strengthening of the old foundation of the structure may arise for a number of reasons.

Most often, problems arise such as: partial destruction of the base, the formation of cracks. This occurs during long-term operation of the building, as well as due to movement of the soil, exceeding the calculated load on the foundation or violation of technology during construction.

It is also necessary to strengthen the foundation when changing the design of the structure. For example, with a superstructure on the second floor, or when installing heavy equipment in a workshop that requires an additional foundation.

Strengthening or reinforcing the foundation with ground screws is a refinement of an existing foundation, which for one of the reasons described above cannot bear the load from the structure. For this purpose, along the perimeter of the building, close to the existing foundation are mounted geo-screws to the depth of support in well-bearing soil layers.

When strengthening the foundation, they use specialized equipment for the installation of piles. If access to the building is not possible, then installation can be done manually.

A steel or reinforced concrete grillage is used to distribute the load between all mounted geoscrews. Which helps to evenly distribute the perceived load between all piles.

The foundation is reinforced with geo-screws due to the installation of additional steel beams, which are based on a grillage and located under the walls of the building.

That is, the entire load of the building is ultimately redistributed between the old and new foundations.

Foundation reinforcement

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