Design and installation of pile foundations
in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Nikolaev, Lvov, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine.


Designing a pile foundation is a very important matter and requires professional knowledge, a serious approach and extensive experience. To implement the project, it is necessary to first highlight a number of issues: geological and geodetic. The results of this survey are largely related to the engineering-geological structure of the site, as well as to the physical and mechanical properties of soils. This allows you to understand how the soil perceives the load in the form of a foundation and a building standing on it. In addition, these surveys allow analysis of ground cover strata and groundwater levels. This will help to carry out all the necessary calculations.
The design of the pile foundation is carried out according to the scheme:

To determine the structure and density of the soil, geological surveys are carried out. This allows you to understand which soils lie on the site and which of them are bearing, identify the presence of hard rocks and avoid unforeseen problems during the installation of piles. The choice of the type of pile screwing depends on the understanding of which soil prevails.

The depth of screwing the piles may depend on the depth at which the bearing layers of the soil are located. A reasonable choice of piles, conducting geological surveys, taking into account the design features of the building and indicating the estimated loads during design are the key to a reliable and stable foundation.

The calculation of the foundation, its optimization for a specific structure and the condition on the site is the hard work of a design engineer. The designer excludes all risks associated with subsidence, deformation and destruction of the foundation and structure.

The calculation of any reliable foundation requires engineering and geological surveys at the construction site. This gives an understanding of how soils perceive the load and which of them are load-bearing. Then the load is collected and calculated. This takes into account the weight of the structure itself, the snow load on the roof and the operational loads from people, furniture and equipment on the floors. After the building loads are calculated, they are transferred to the foundation. The foundation is calculated according to the bearing capacity of each pile. Having collected all the loads, it is easy to understand how much weight the foundation will carry. Geology, on the other hand, makes it clear how the soils on the site will perceive the load.

The PILLAR company designs pile foundations throughout Ukraine. Our services include wind turbine foundation design, bridge foundation design, warehouse foundation design, house foundation design, and solar panel foundation design.

We also provide pier foundation design, workshop foundation design, tower foundation design, solar panel foundation design, infrastructure foundation design, elevator foundation design, hangar foundation design, and communication tower foundation design.

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