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Designing a ground screw foundation is very important and requires professional expertise, a serious approach and lots of experience. To develop a design it is necessary initially make a number of important geological and geodesic surveys. The results of these surveys depend largely on the engineering-geological structure of the site, as well as on the physical and mechanical properties of the soil. This allows you to understand how the ground receives the load of a foundation and of the building on it. Additionally these surveys allow make an analysis of the ground layers and indicate the level of groundwater. This will help to make all the necessary calculations.

The design of the ground screw foundation is developed according to a specific pattern:

  • the analysis of load bearing qualities of the soil is made at first;
  • the load is calculated due the weight of the structure itself, as well as the operational and snow loads on the foundation;
  • after calculating all the loads and studying the soils on the plot the engineer selects suitable piles and their number considering the features of the plot.
If soils are of a heterogeneous structure the installation of ground screws should be made at different depths.

Geological surveys are made to get the structure and density of the soil. This allows you to see what soils are on the plot and which of them are bearing, to see the presence of hard rocks and exclude unexpected problems when installing the piles. The choice of the ground screw type also depends on the data of soils analysis.

The depth of setting screws may depend on the depth the bearing layers of soil. The correct choice of piles, geological surveys, consideration of the structural features of the building and indication of estimated loads during the design are a guarantee of a reliable and stable foundation.

The calculation of the foundation, its optimization for a specific project and conditions on the plot is a hard work of a design engineer. The designer eliminates all the risks associated with subsidence, deformation and destruction of the foundation and structures.

The calculation of any reliable foundation requires engineering and geological surveys on the construction site. This allows to understand of how soils receive the load and which of these soils are bearing ones. Afterwards the calculation of loads is made. The weight of the structure itself, the snow load on the roof and the operating load from people, furniture and appliances on the floors are calculated here too. After the loads of the building are calculated, the data is transferred for the foundation calculations. It is calculated due to the bearing capacity of each ground screw. Having all the loads it is easy to understand what weight the foundation will bear. Geology makes it clear how the soils will receive the load.

The PILLAR company draws the design of the ground screws foundation throughout Ukraine. Our services include the design of the foundation for wind turbines, the design of the foundation for bridges, the design of the foundation for warehouses, the design of the foundation for house and for solar power plants. We also make the design of pier, workshop foundation, the foundation of poles, solar panels, for infrastructure facilities, for grain elevators, hangars and of communications masts.

The company PILLAR offers drawing development and construction ground screw foundations in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia and other cities of Ukraine.