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The basement of the house is the lower part of the building lying on the foundation. In the case of a ground screw foundation, the basement is meant a space between the ground and the binding grillage. And how this emptiness between the ground and the beginning of the house will be aesthetically perceived? Here help modern decorative and insulating materials.

The use of modern building materials with high thermal insulation for the construction of walls allows you to build a warm, energy-efficient house. Using the same materials to form the floor structure, you can build a thermos house.

Due to the fact that the floor structure is isolated from the ground with a ventilated underground, dampness will never pull out of the ground through the foundation. This eliminates the probability of fungus and as a result of the destruction of the floor structure. A floor with a foundation on ground screws will always be dry and warm.

The aesthetic part of decorating the basement is solved with any finishing plates to your architect’s view.

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