Solar power plants

Design and installation of pile foundations
in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Nikolaev, Lvov, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine.


PILLAR company produces metal structures for solar panels. Such a frame for solar panels possesses high reliability, strength and stability, and also, in terms of assembly, goes well with our production ground-screws. We have developed typical metal structures for both ground stations and stations that are located on the roofs of buildings.

Our engineers will help make up the project of solar stations, both domestic and industrial. The calculation of unique metal structures to your needs is possible.

A set of mounts for the solar station is delivered to your site completely ready for self-assembly. You can also assemble the station with the help of our installation team. Our installers assemble a 30 kW station in 3 days.


Geological survey and construction project

In order to get optimal solution for the construction of the foundation the customer must provide a geological survey of the site and provide a construction project. Considering these data experts make conclusions about the properties of the soil and the loads of the future construction.

Foundation adaptation

Based on the data obtained our engineers prepare a calculation of the required number of screws and the distance between them, as well as the depth of it’s immersion. Depending on the collected loads for the foundation of the house, the optimal diameter and required length for ground screws are selected.


Screw foundations for low-rise buildings are installed in a short time. Depending on the complexity of the object, there are three options for screwing in: manual, electromechanical and hydraulic. After the ground screws have been installed at the required in design depth, the headstrap is strapped.


Parking - solar power plants 1,5 MW in the Lviv region

Solar power plant 12 MW in Kyiv region

Solar power plant 5,7 MW in the village of Сhumaky

Solar power plant 5.7 MW in the village. Chumaki


PILLAR is a company of professionals who keep their word and do everything on time.

13680 solar panels on ground screws. Construction of solar power plant on screw piles.

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