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The calculation of the foundation, its optimization for a specific project and conditions on the plot is always a hard work of the design engineer. The designer must exclude all risks associated with subsidence, deformation and destruction of the foundation and structures.

The calculation of any reliable foundation requires engineering and geological surveys on the construction site. This shows how soils perceive the load and which of soils is bearing.

The second stage is the collection and calculation of loads. Here it is necessary to consider the weight of the structure itself, the snow load on the roof, as well as the operational loads from people, furniture and appliances on the floors.
After the loads of the building or structure are calculated, these loads are transferred to the foundation calculation. Here is the bearing capacity of each pile in the foundation estimated.

So, having collected all the loads it becomes clear how much weight the foundation will bear and thanks to geology it becomes clear how this load will be perceived by the soils on the plot.