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Installation of ground screws has advantages over the installation of all other types of foundations. Screwing is always more convenient and safer than hammer. It is possible to set a ground screw without heavy construction equipment. For screwing it is enough to create torque with the help of two to four workers with levers. The company "PILLAR Ukraine" uses three methods of installation, choosing the best one for each case.

The first method is the easiest. This is a manual installation method using nozzles and shaped tube levers. You can use it yourself. The nozzle is supplied with a ground screw for "Do it yourself" foundations, and profile pipes can easily be found in any household. A team of two to four unexperienced workers manages to twist 10–20 ground screws of an average length of 2–3 meters per day. Levers are pushed through the nozzle and thus the torque is created for twisting a screw by human labor. Increasing the number of levers from two to four has a beneficial effect. After the start of twisting the ground screw it is necessary to control the its vertical level before the screw is set by one third of the needed depth.
The vertical level of the screw is controlled with the pipe level, and the horizontal level with a stretched thread or with either optical or laser level.

The second method is an electro-mechanical one with a so-called "electro-screw". There is initially no difference between this method and a fully manual method, except all the work is done by electrical equipment.

The third method uses a hydraulic attachable devices which are installed on various types of cranes, loaders, tractors and self-propelled drilling rigs. The third method is optimal considering duration of this work, as well as of the mounted ground screws. It enables you to set ground screws up to 7-8 meters long. But one has to consider, whether this type of machinery can access to the construction site.

What happens if a ground screw is stopped on a stone? The answer depends on the size of the stone. If the stone's size is like a fist, the ground screw will push it aside and continue to twist further. If its size is larger than a car wheel and it meets at two thirds of the design depth, then it is necessary to trim the top cap and weld it to a new predetermined height.