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The ability to carry out installation in the winter season is one of the key features of the screw foundation on Pillar geological screws.
Since concrete is not required to form a screw foundation, wet work associated with it is excluded. There is no need to use additional anti-frost additives, to observe the technology of winter concrete pouring with round-the-clock heating of the poured foundation.
By eliminating these processes, you significantly save the budget and construction time of the foundation.
The same can be said about work with frozen ground, the excavation of which must be carried out using heavy equipment. It is also worth remembering the impassability of country roads in the winter season for heavy construction equipment and a concrete mixer.
The special screw-like construction of the pile allows it to be twisted even in frozen ground, which is cut through by thread winding.

As soon as the geoshurup has entered the soil to the design depth, the forces of frost heaving do not have any harmful effect on it, associated with winter fluctuations in the level of the soil surface. Geoshurup is firmly fixed by thread in stable soil below the freezing depth, not subject to swelling.
Thus, the construction of the foundation in winter with the help of Pillar-Ukraine geo-screws is the optimal solution.

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