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Andrey Skiba
Avenston Company: Industrial Solar Power Plants
We chose the PILLAR company for the reason that they have a construction that is unlike all with earth screws under the racks. It is exclusive and almost never used in solar energy. PILLAR is a company of professionals who keep their word, do everything on time. Delivery of materials and installation are all on a professional level. We have good impressions, we hope for further cooperation. To build not only 5 MW, but several dozens.
Due to inability to use machinery for setting foundations of reinforced concrete piles the decision was made to use ground screw foundation. We have already completed three foundations with PILLAR. This foundation is the fourth one. PILLAR company has proved to be a reliable partner: high-quality and fast finishing of ground screw foundations.
Martynenko Andrey
Company TMM-Energobud: Construction and reconstruction of power transmission masts.
Bogdan Novikov
AES Solar Company: Industrial solar power plants.
We had concerns that piles could not withstand the load of tables. We conducted a series of tests and then saw that it would be the most correct and quick solution. A team of professionals, the guys quickly respond quickly understand the solution of issues, understand the global nature of these issues. There were moments to eliminate defects in the installation, at the moment, Pillar has additionally left and eliminated everything.
We faced with a problem of groundwater as the construction site was located 15 meters from the Dnipro river. We had a choice for solving this problem: either make a capital foundation with water lowering or to use a prefabricated light foundation on ground screws. The first option was time consuming and very costly so we decided technologies based on ground screws.
Denis and Igor
Steelco Company: Prefab and Commercial Buildings.
Андрианов Максим
Life House Building Company: Construction of eco houses and production of straw panels.
We use ground screw for the construction of foundations. We are fully satisfied with the cooperation, it is always easy to cooperate with these guys. We get calculations and all the necessary drawings very fast. And most important - a responsible attitude to each project.