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Construction of the sauna bathhouses has several features. When building a sauna bathhouse, great attention is paid to the installation of the foundation. Usually, sauna bathhouses are light and therefore do not heavily load the foundation and the ground. In this case, the optimal solution for the construction is the ground screws.

To make the correct calculations of the foundation for a sauna bathhouse you need to take into account many factors:

  • Depth of soil freezing;
  • The level of flooding by melt water;
  • Soil composition;
  • Snow level in winter;
  • Weight of the sauna bathhouse and wind loads.
Ground screws are used in the construction of many structures, as the pile foundation is light and very practical. Due to this the screw foundation for the sauna bathhouses is very popular. Ground screws for a sauna bathhouses is the optimal solution for fast construction.

When setting the foundation for a sauna bathhouse you must implement necessary protection and waterproof sealing for the floor. Thanks to this water seal the foundation of the sauna bathhouse won't let moisture through. First of all, the sauna bathhouse on the ground screws should be saved from the snow which is collected close to walls and causes dampness. When choosing a facing material pay attention to the material with high hydro and thermal insulation. So you get a sauna bathhouse with a warm coating and high moisture resistance.

PILLAR compiles a project for the foundation of a sauna bathhouse, prepares drawings of the foundation for these houses and calculates the foundation for sauna bathhouses. Our services also include design the foundation for a sauna bathhouse.

Our company offers developing design and installation services of pile foundations for gas concrete houses in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia and other cities of Ukraine.


Installation of the foundation in 48 hours
One ground screw is installed in up to 15 minutes. You can start the construction of the building immediately after finishing with ground screws. Foundation of the house on the ground screws does not require shrinkage, because after screwing up the soil is compacted and as a result the soil is capable of supporting the weight of the house.
Easy installation
It is possible to install the foundation within several days. Involvement of complex construction equipment and excavation as concrete works are not required.
No garbage at the construction site
Installation of the ground screw foundation is carried out using a mode, in which there remains a minimum of construction waste at the end of the work.
No water impact
Galvanized piles are practically not corroded, which allows its use in water-saturated soils and even in reservoirs.
Solving relief problems
The possibility of mounting on sites with a complex landscape or on a slope, where the concrete foundation requires enormous labor and financial costs.
The possibility of installation in cold season
Compared to strip foundations, the pouring of it in winter time requires additional costs bound on thermal insulation of concrete. The installation of ground screws can be done in the normal operating mode.
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Geological survey and construction project
In order to get optimal solution for the construction of the foundation the customer must provide a geological survey of the site and provide a construction project. Considering these data experts make conclusions about the properties of the soil and the loads of the future construction.
Based on the data obtained our engineers prepare a calculation of the required number of screws and the distance between them, as well as the depth of it's immersion. Depending on the collected loads for the foundation of the house, the optimal diameter and required length for ground screws are selected.
Screw foundations for low-rise buildings are installed in a short time. Depending on the complexity of the object, there are three options for screwing in: manual, electromechanical and hydraulic. After the ground screws have been installed at the required in design depth, the headstrap is strapped.


Pillar is your partner for ground screw foundations.

Contacting Pillar you get:

  • The ability to order a key-ready foundation. We will do all the work on time in the best quality.
  • Fast individual foundation calculation from experienced engineers.
  • Fast installation and efficiency of the performed works in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, and other cities of Ukraine.
  • Free delivery to any city in Ukraine.
  • Technical support and assistance of specialists in foundation construction.
The company has its own production of galvanized piles, which can be bought at reasonable prices in Ukraine. We are able to provide qualified professionals who make the design and calculation of costs for the foundation, as well as help in registering of the necessary documents. Just fill in the form for a callback or call our consultant to make the installation of a pile foundation.