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The PILLAR ground screw is a second generation screw pile, which is a pipe with blades of a special configuration. Thanks to this design, the ground screw easily penetrates into the ground by screwing.

Ground screws are an excellent solution for construction on swampy, sandy and water-saturated soils.

Today, due to reliability, strength and stability, the foundation on screw piles is one of the most popular types of foundation both in low-rise construction in the construction of wooden houses, baths, saunas, fences and gates, and in the construction of hydro and industrial structures.

What are the types of piles

Ground screwss differ in diameter:






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Recommendations when using piles

Technical characteristics of ground screws


1.Compacted soil

2.Compacted sand


4.Lightly compacted soil

5.Uncompacted soil


Ground  foundation screws are made in the form of large metal tubular drills with special screw tips designed to drive the piles into the ground. Depending on the design (material) of the bearing walls, on the weight of the building or structure under which the screw foundation is installed, and on the type and bearing capacity of the soil.

To protect against corrosion, special compounds are applied to the surface of the piles or they are galvanized. In the central zone of our country, for the construction of wooden (beam, log, frame) individual residential buildings, piles with a trunk diameter of 108 mm and a length of 2500 mm (2.5 m) are most often used.

For other objects: lighter (hoz blocks, fences, greenhouses, etc.) or, conversely, heavier (stone buildings) and on uneven construction sites with difficult soils, the pile diameter can vary from 57 to 325 mm, and the length from 1.5 to 3 m. Moreover, when solid soil is deeper than the specified lengths of piles, piles can be built up right during their installation.

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low-rise construction
for industry
Construction of solar power plants
Foundation for hydraulic structures
Foundation for infrastructure facilities


The production capacity of the pillar plant is 3,000 ground screws per month.

Own modern machine park

ISO certification

Calculation Method of ground screws from the company PILLAR

New technologies make it possible to build objects of any configuration, purpose on complex, loose, swampy soils. The ground screws foundation will ensure the stability of the foundation of any type of building. The construction of a summer house, cottage, country house, outbuilding, gazebo, fence or other object requires much less time if you use a columnar foundation. Installation of a bored structure takes no more than a day. At the same time, the cost is much less. Use our method for calculating ground screws for your foundation.

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