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The company’s transition to Microsoft Office 365

An important stage of development for Pillar in early 2020 was the transition to the cloud service Microsoft 365, which aimed to ensure full and efficient communication – one of the necessary conditions for successful business!

These changes have increased team productivity. Maximum standardization and decentralization of the process of working with documentation and data within the company was obtained.
“We deliberately refused to develop our own oil and purchase licenses in favor of cloud solutions, which only benefited us,” says Alexander Gostev, owner of PILLAR.

Each employee has the opportunity to work comfortably on site and anywhere remotely, while having secure access to corporate data. Data exchange, information and communication take place in a single internal space with the help of Microsoft Teams.

“Our task was to ensure the most comfortable and painless transition to the new software. Thanks to LEO Consulting, which has become our partner in the implementation of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, we have a single secure workspace, efficient and flexible user management in the system, user-friendly IT infrastructure and new communication capabilities anywhere in the world 24/7 , – commented Alexander.

As a result of the transition to Microsoft Office 365, PILLAR no longer needed to purchase and maintain its own mail server and set up long-term account settings for new employees. Virtually all tasks of IT infrastructure support are solved easier and faster, as a result – reduction of IT – costs and costs for service equipment.

Using Microsoft Office 365 allowed PILLAR to obtain Enterprise-level services – Microsoft Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, without significant financial investment and complex settings.

For information:
Microsoft meets the high standards of European Union data protection law and is the first company to receive such recognition. Data stored in the “cloud” of Microsoft, both personal and corporate – regardless of their physical location, are subject to strict requirements of the European Union standard

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