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Ground screw PILLAR
Ground screw PILLAR is a second generation screw pile, which is a pipe with blades of a special configuration. Thanks to this design, the ground screw easily penetrates the soil by screwing.
Ground screw flange
The head or flange of the ground screw is that part of the pile that connects to the grillage. Flanges have several varieties, depending on the features of the structure. Piles with flange heads are delivered ready-made (assembled, welded, completed), which excludes the presence of cutting and welding work at the construction site when connecting the pile shaft to the flange.
Screw part
The spiral design with a continuous turn facilitates the installation and dismantling of the ground screw, as well as installation in the most difficult soil conditions. The angle of inclination of the turns provides a quick and easy installation, and the total area of the turns guarantees maximum bearing capacity.
The area of bearing, the bearing part is:
0.1194 m2 for FH 76 x p1050mm;
0.1753 m2 for FH 89 x p1500mm;
0.2132 m2 for FH 108 x r1700mm.
This provides a reliable perception of heavy loads.
Forged cone
Forged cone is less prone to deformation and allows you to easily pass an obstacle underground. And also allows you to mount as accurately as possible in any type of soil.
Forged cone construct:
Eliminates the destruction of the conical part under extreme conditions of installation;
Allows for more precise installation.
Corrosion protection
Pillar ground screw are coated with hot zinc both externally and internally, which provides resistance to corrosion and gives the necessary reliability and durability. The service life of a galvanized ground screw is about 120 years.
The thickness of the zinc coating is 70 ± 10 μm. Piles are covered with hot zinc both outside and inside, by dipping into the bathroom with
molten zinc (460`C) which eliminates the need for filling with a cement-sand mixture.
Coating is regulated by DIN EN ISO 1461 (GOST 9.307)


Ground screw are an excellent solution for construction on marshy, sandy and water-saturated soils. A screw foundation has been already used for quite a long time. Back in the 19th century ground screws began to be successfully used in the USA and England in construction of lighthouses and other engineering structures.

Thanks to reliability, durability and stability the foundation on ground screws is one of the most popular types both in a low-rise construction: wooden houses, baths, saunas, fences, gates and in the construction of hydraulic and industrial facilities.

This is because the ground screws can be installed manually or using small-sized equipment. The first option is especially useful where the implementation of machinery is very limited or even impossible. In addition, the construction of the ground screw foundation does not produce a lot of noise, which is important in residential neighborhoods and in urban environments. The foundation on ground screws has many advantages over the classical foundation:

  • speed of installation, the construction time for a the ground screw foundation is 1-3 days;
  • foundation construction is possible on complex and unstable soils, including on marshy, flooded and clay soils;
  • long service life, with a proper operation, the life of the screw foundation is more than 100 years;
  • he installation of the foundation on ground screws does not change the natural landscape and does not have a negative impact on environment;
  • installation is possible on hard to reach places and even on slopes;
  • this foundation can be installed at any season of year and in all weather conditions;
  • screw piles have a high bearing capacity.
A properly built ground screw foundation provides a reliable basement on any soil.
The PILLAR company designs ground screws foundation, makes drawings of the foundation and calculation for it. Ground screws are easy buy in Ukraine!

Our company offers drawing development and construction ground screw foundations in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia and other cities of Ukraine.

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