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The foundation on ground screw of "PILLAR-Ukraine" is suitable for all types of soils but when designing and building a foundation, it is necessary to consider the properties of each soil. If compare the same conditions of water saturation of soils, the ranging from the best to the worst in bearng capacity is sand, clay, loam and sandy loam. So the sand, clay and loam are the best from the technical and economic point of view. In these soils the ground screws gaining the highest carrying capacity.In a linear relationship to the bearing capacity is the density of the soil and the forces with which it is necessary to twist. Those. it is most difficult to screw in descending order into sand, clay and loam.
As you can see, the sandy loam remains on the sidelines. Although, there are exceptions to the rules in a dense, dry sandy loam, you can get a high bearing capacity.
Loam and sandy loam have one feature - they can be subsidence. This can be understood only after engineering and geological surveys.
Rocky soils in which coarse clastic rocks are found to be particularly difficult to carry out installation work. Installation in such conditions requires the use of heavy equipment for additional drilling operations. As a result, the cost increases compared to the classic installation conditions. But in some cases, a solution with geo-screws in mountainous terrain is technically and economically more profitable.